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We in LG Electronics FZE recognize that our communities are faced with many problems which require everyone’s effort in dealing with them. Again, we realize that these problems need to be solved on community bases. Yes ‘’LIFE’S GOOD’’, but we are not only committed to INNOVATION FOR A BETTER LIFE or telling our brands’ success stories, we also create beautiful experiences that excites our customers and our communities through making available alternative means of livelihood. 

This explains why LG Electronics FZE is partnering with KOREA FRIENDS FOR HOPE INTERNATIONAL to support beneficiary communities in the northern parts of Ghana to help improve their lot. LG in partnership with Korea Friends for Hope International is helping these beneficiary communities to solve some community problems in the areas of EDUCATION, WATER AND SANITAION AND ANIMAL FARMING with a seed capital of ¢60,000.

How to Participate

There are many problems that need to be solved in our community. You're the one who knows best how to solve the problem in your community. We believe your idea can solve the problem in the most effective and efficient way. Please suggest your ideas through google docs below. LG Electronics will select the best ideas and provide the financial support necessary for problem-solving. (Up to ¢60,000!)

Be the ambassador of your village right now!

Visit Link and submit your proposal

1. Competition period: 10-JAN ~ 6-MAR-2022

2. Announcement date: 21-MAR-2022

3. Ambassador appointment ceremony: 24-MAR-2022

4. Evaluation criteria: Necessity, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Specificity, Feasibility &     Sustainability

5. Inquiry:

In the maiden edition in 2021, three worthy winners were awarded the cash prize of ¢50,000 each presented to the beneficiaries in Karimenga Community for Ecological Farming, Boko Community for Bakery and Dagmweo Community for Weaving.

The weaving project, selected as LG Ambassador at the suggestion of Ateere Eric of the Dagmweo Community, selected women with children under the age of 5 to provide Smock vocational training, traditional weaving in northern Ghana. As a result of the program, which first began in March 2021, and has been running for about a year, participating women are earning income by selling smock fabrics already after learning the skills of weaving smock.

While Michael Baba of the Boko Community on the other hand was selected as an LG Ambassador for proposing a bakery project. The project selected single-parent women to provide bakery education and supported the machines and ingredients needed to bake. Since it was relatively easy to learn how to make bread, women who completed baking education for about two months immediately began to earn income by baking and selling bread

In this edition, we will be looking at three different sectors which consist of Education, Water and Sanitation and Animal Farming. In the area of EDUCATION, we hope to provide assistance in ICT, furniture, maintenance of existing and new infrastructure to the tune of ¢60,000.00 to the beneficiary communities in northern Ghana. This, we believe will help improve the educational challenges facing the people in the communities.

We will also provide assistance in WATER AND SANITATION to the beneficiary communities totalling ¢60,000.00. Communities that lack water will be assisted with bole holes and other ways to improve the sanitation situations in the benefitted communities. This will definitely make water available all year for both humans and livestock.

Lastly, help will be provided to people who go into ANIMAL FARMING. We want to make sure that there is a year-round production of animal products for the people in the selected communities and the nation as well. ¢ 60,000.00 seed capital will be given to beneficiary communities to venture into Fish farming, Poultry of all kinds and livestock rearing.

Life’s about more than having the latest electronics. It’s about the experience’s technology creates and the support we give back to our cherished customers through the LG CHALLENGE GHANA.

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DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.