Female students from selected Senior High Schools in Ashanti Region have attended a Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) camp in Kumasi.

They were exposed to the study of science-based courses at the tertiary level by introducing to them microscopic techniques and basic bacterial culturing practices among other activities.

STEM camp

The STEM camp was organised by Women in Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics-Ghana (WiSTEM.GH) in collaboration with Gh Scientific and Ghana Neuroscience Society.

Mentoring sessions facilitated by lecturers of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology dominated events.

STEM camp

Experts took participants through career opportunity in STEM and guide for selecting study programmes at the university.

WiSTEM member, Dr. Yaa Asantewaa Osei, urged the students to explore aspects of science beyond medicine and pharmacy.

She explained it can lead to accelerated socio-economic growth the country is yearning for.

STEM camp

“They think science is all about medicine and pharmacy. The unchartered territories are where knowledge is being built and where opportunities abound. It’s the best place to explore if you want to impact society,” she emphasized.

Gh Scientific, a STEM NGO has been organizing the Neurogirl camp for senior high schools in the country.

STEM camp

Chief Operating Officer, Gh Scientific, Dr. Thomas Tagoe, stated the initiative is aimed at encouraging girls to consider neuroscience for study.

It started early January 2019 at Cape Coast and is expected to end in Accra.

“These girls can be neurosurgeons, scientists, the options are limitless but a lot of times they don’t know what these options are so when we decided to work together with WiSTEM to impact the girls together,” he said.

STEM camp


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