Women are their own angels

Ever since I joined the Ghanaian corporate world, I have been hearing this phrase 'women are their own worst enemies'. I find it quite amusing actually and interestingly, I always hear men say it.

Not once have I heard a woman utter these words. Today, I would like to propose that this phrase should be revised.

Well, here's why:

1. Yes, I have personally witnessed women in the workplace who cannot stand to see other women grow and concoct evil plans to get rid of them. I have seen women spread false rumors about innocent people, set traps for them and yet pretend to be friends with them. I have no doubt that these things happen women to women. However, I have one question: where do we categorize men who get jealous of their female colleague's achievement, backbite them, and yet smile and chit chat with them in the corridors?  How about men to men or women to men jealousy which lead to unspoken feud? Note, in my short corporate experience I have seen quite a number of these. Yet, we tend to make it look as if women are the only gender who sabotages each other.

2. How many of us have not heard inspiring stories about how women are mentoring younger women to be successful in their careers, businesses, family life, etc. Personally, I have been inspired and helped by a lot of people most of whom are women.

In fact, this is one of the reasons why I started The Fabulous Woman Network in the first place; so that such women who are making a difference in our lives in spite of their own challenges can be celebrated as they should be.

From where I sit, both men and women can and do sabotage others so there is no point in making this a 'woman' thing. It is a distracting statement actually.

Here is what I think, if men – our dearest husbands, brothers, uncles, fathers, male colleagues, etc insist on making this about women then the phrase should be 'WOMEN ARE THEIR OWN ANGELS'. Because there are so many women who are touching and impacting lives in positive ways without feeling jealous or threatened. I love saying 'there is more than enough room for us all to shine in this universe' because I actually believe it. Perhaps I cannot change the entire world, but for the rest of my life I would love to celebrate women who are angels among us.

My little advice to my fellow gender mates: you know we are angels to each other. Please let us show the world that we are FOR each other and not against other women. I love this quote by The Fabulous Lady Boss Yawa Hansen-Quao: ‘Success for another lady does not spell failure for you.’ That is a fact!

And to all Fabulous Women reading this today,  if you have in your life a woman who cannot stand your achievements and where God is taking you, remember it's her problem not yours. Be your true fabulous self and let no woman or man move you.

You already have the best friend you need: Jesus. Keep rocking!

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