Women across the length and breadth of the World are exposed to all sorts of violence right from their infancy through to their adult lives. 

The violence which they suffer through no fault of theirs, may include physical, psychological, sexual and domestic, and incidentally it is inflicted on them by men.

As today 25th November 2015 marks World Violence Day Against Women, I would like to draw the attention of Women to realize the need to practice good communication rapport with their husbands and partners.

This is a very powerful tool for women as far as their marriages and relationships could grow but they have failed to take the utmost advantage of it.

As females, we grow through a whole lot of cultural drawbacks in our society that frowns on the right of women. One of the basic prejudices against Women is douching which is practiced against young girls.

This practice (Atua) serves as a common punishment for girls in the least of offence committed in the homes, but research has shown that, more girls grow to experience all forms of genital deformities and perpetual Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Some of these Women live with infections and the infections develop a whole lot of diseases including bad smell. Unfortunately, most Women are unable to master courage to discuss their genital problems with the husbands. This tends to foster poor sexual communication between couples because when wives feel shy to explain issues, husbands misconstrue them, and this could breed domestic infractions leading to violence. 

This is what as an Ambassador of Genecure, I want to encourage my fellow women to come out of their fear to break the norms by confidently sharing their plight. The women, I am charging you to also feel free to go to any Rocare offices to explain your problem. Also in seeking cure, there is the need to hunt for the right medication in order not to complicate the problems.

Many women resort to quack methods which do them more harm than good to their genitals. This comes to my earlier point of communication because if you fail to communicate properly you fail to share your problems with the right people.

I am also entreating the Men to understand their women counterparts when they share their problems.


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