Former Manager of Hiplife music group, VIP, has disclosed that working with the group was tough.

According to Nana Akua Manfo popularly known as Blakofe who brought the group into the limelight said life managing “five tough guys” wasn’t easy.

“It was tough. They gave me a hard time but I’m a tough woman as well,” she said.

Blakofe started with VIP as their manager.

She recounted meeting the group [then made up of five guys] at a show somewhere in the country where she fell in love with their performance.

According to her she was amazed at their performance and wanted to manage them immediately.

Though she described them as tough, she said working with the group was amazing as well.

“They were unique; five of them. They were very individual but they came together as a solid group,” she said.

“Their attitudes, their flow, the dynamism, everything about them excited me. I was just like ‘these guys have it’,” she further stated.

VIP started in the early stages of hiplife with five members: Friction, Bone, Promzy, Lazzy and Prodigal.

They have been voices behind hit songs like ‘Ahomka wo mu’ among others, however, was hit by a split.

Three members: Friction, Bone and Promzy have exited the group leaving Zeal and Prodigal who were later joined by hiplife Grandpapa Reggie Rockstone to form VVIP.

Blakofe, however, says she has missed the group and wishes she had another opportunity to manage them again.