MzVee (Credit: Instagram - @mzveegh. Photo by: Manuel Phoyography)

Musician MzVee has said that she is not afraid to take on the challenges that await her after exiting her former record label Lynx Entertainment.

The ‘Daavi’ hitmaker said her success will come from her ability to take risks and learn from her experiences in the industry.

“It is about learning and asking questions. If you don’t know, ask a question and do what you have to do. I am a hard worker and my team and me, we don’t sleep,” she told Jerry Justice on Adom FM on Wednesday.

MzVee’s comment comes after some fans showed concern about the growth of her career after her exit from Lynx Entertainment.

The ‘Sheriff’ hitmaker told Jerry Justice that although she may have left the label she is not alone.

She stated that she has set up her own team to help her take the necessary risks she needs to succeed.

It would be unfair to compare her team built less than a year ago to the structured systems at Lynx Entertainment, she said.

“Lynx was really great. Take for instance YouTube, they built their YouTube fan base from Asem, Eazzy, myself and so many artistes…they have many subscribers.

“But, I just came out and I’ve asked people to subscribe to my channel. I have about 15k subscribers – and that’s amazing – so it takes time to build up, things have not dulled for me at all,” she added.

MzVee stated that will only fail in her new pursuit if she is afraid. She added that her new team is really supportive of her career and her choices.

The singer revealed that her new team members with years of experience in the industry are people she handpicked herself.

With them, MzVee believes they could make continue building on the work she has done throughout her career.

“I haven’t done much since I came back [from the hiatus] but there are a number of shows people have asked me to perform at, but it hasn’t happened because of coronavirus. I even played a show in Togo right before lockdown and went to South Africa too.”

“The good thing is that I paid attention and I learnt a bit from Lynx Entertaiment and at the moment I am not working with newbies,” she added.