The Youth Bridge Foundation (YBF), a non-governmental organization has called for a concerted effort by parents, state institutions and private firms to educate the youth on human rights issues.

The call follows a survey conducted by the Foundation in Eastern and Central Regions of the country that indicate that, young people in these regions do not know basic human rights.

It said the survey also revealed, youths in these regions are ignorant of that fact that a suspect is innocent until proven guilty and the right to be notified of charges as well as the right to presence of parent or guardian.

The Foundation has therefore launched a Youth Awareness Improves Justice project as part of efforts to deal with the challenge. It is under the theme; "Ensuring justice for all: Time to raise awareness on rights and responsibilities of young people".

Programmes Manager at YBF Douglas Quartey told Joy News the project is meant to also educate young people on their responsibilities.

Mr. Quartey believes the challenges facing the youth are worsened with weak logistical and infrastructural capacity among institutions mandated to implement these legal provisions.


As its contribution to the process, YBF with support from STAR-Ghana will undertake sensitization activities using innovative and youth friendly media such as introduction and implementation of SMS platform and campaigns, to allow young people and the public to have easy access to information on the Children’s Act, Juvenile Justice Act and relevant aspect of the constitution of Ghana.