For the third year running, Telecommunications giant, MTN, is partnering with Youth development-oriented NGO, Young Professionals & Youth Coalition (YPYC), for the 2021 version of the celebrated MTN Pulse Transform Africa Conference and Africa Role Model Awards for value addition, sustained traction, visibility, initiative, and drive.

YPYC President and Founder Andy Osei Okrah says in Africa, Ghana inclusive, the youth represent sixty per cent of the population, an entire workforce to boost economic development, who need a constant renewal of leadership values for accelerated growth.

This has led to the focus and rebranding of the YPYC`s flagship program Young Professionals Transformational Leadership Conference & Young Professional Role Model Awards, to capture Africa as stated above. This year, about ten 10 African countries will be participating in the conference.

The YPYC-MTN Pulse collaboration is keen on developing a blueprint to guide youth inclusiveness and harness their dynamism for distinct roles in nation-building.

The Chief Marketing Officer for MTN, Noel Kojo-Ganson, commended the brilliant work being done by YPYC to promote professional excellence among the youth and recognise the achievement of young professionals.

He indicated that MTN is celebrating its 25th Anniversary with a renewed commitment to youth development.

Therefore, the company supports and initiates programs aimed at harnessing their potentials and preparing them to excel in their fields of endeavour.

He said, “MTN has designed and enhanced services such as the MTN Pulse App, which provides the youth with a myriad of voice and data packages that makes it easier for them to connect with friends, family and business associates at minimal cost at this data-driven era”.

Mr Kojo-Ganson urged all young professionals and the youth to download the MTN Pulse app from the Play Store and App Store to enjoy the latest deals in e-commerce and receive rewards from MTN. 

The YPYC President Andy Osei Okrah further said, “the youth must have the ability to make choices that support the pursuit of educational and professional goals and the development of life skills necessary for local, national, and continental leadership positions.”

The statement affirmed the determination of the two corporate entities to help the youth learn valuable skills because they are a “valuable resource for organisations and groups involved in continental development.”

YPYC challenged the youth to foster integration and national cohesion, insisting this must be the priority of the youth who stand on the threshold of assuming the mantle of corporate leadership tomorrow.

The 12th YPYC-MTN Pulse Transform Africa Conference 2021 takes place on October 1, at the Accra International Conference Centre, with top-notch speakers with the youth as the pivot under the theme; Transforming Africa: The Role of the African Young Leader.

The Special Guest of Honour, former United Nations Special Representative to West Africa, and the Secretary-General of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Nations, Dr Mohamed Ibn Chambas, is poised for the conference.

Distinguished individuals and corporate entities would be honoured as Africa Role Models for their unalloyed services to the country and continent. 

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