Mona Quartey, a former deputy Finance Minister under the erstwhile Mahama Government has disclosed that the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), if voted into power, will fund its $10 billion ‘Big Push’ through equity injections.

This comes after former President John Mahama announced a $10 billion accelerated infrastructural plan, dubbed the ‘Big Push’ at the NDC 2020 manifesto launch.

“We are looking at what I call the ‘Big Push’, injecting some $10 billion to dualise our roads, complete the remainder of the 200 Community Day Senior High Schools, finish all the hospital projects that have been left abandoned, and construct bridges to open up the country”, Mr Mahama said.

However, in his speech, he did not disclose how the ‘Big Push’ project would be funded.

Speaking on Prime Morning Monday, Mona Quartey revealed that the projects will be funded through equity injections.

She explained that the next Mahama administration will generate funds for the project through the public-private sector and these generated funds will be used in the construction of roads, schools and hospitals.

“We will continue to push the public-private partnership which we have already started and we’ve had some success with.

“10 billion ‘Big Push’ is something that we’ve funded before. It is not new for us. We will do that through a lot of equity injection; we will continue to push the public-private partnership”.

“We will have private sector monies coming in, we will have the government itself being able to borrow as well in addition to what is there, but in a smart way in order that those projects are projects that pay for themselves and, therefore, they are almost self-financing projects,” she added.