Two persons have been confirmed dead with another in a coma after inhaling carbon monoxide from a generator.

In the early hours of Thursday, 3 persons were found unconscious at Asankrangwa in the Wassa Amenfi West Municipality.

The deceased have been identified as 17-year-old Amina Adams and 15-year-old Prince Sackey Jnr.

The 25-year-old, Richard Kudozia has been admitted and is receiving treatment at Father Thomas Allan Rooney Memorial Hospital.

According to the Asankrangwa Divisional Crime Officer, Supt Henry Agbeve, all evidence from investigations indicates that Amina Adams and Prince Sackey died from inhaling fumes from a generator.

“People were suspecting that the two died from poisoning but when we went there, we realised that was not so.

“We are not suspecting foul play by any individual or group. They inhaled carbon monoxide and that killed them,” he stated.

He said the room had its windows closed which led to the accumulation of the toxic gas that killed the 2 teenagers.

Some residents who spoke to Adomnews stated that the three persons switched on their generator due to power outage.

Meanwhile, Medical Officer and acting Clinical Coordinator at Father Thomas Allan Rooney Memorial Hospital, Dr Sabina Ansah Donkor has disclosed that postmortem confirmed that two persons died as result of inhaling carbon monoxide.

She, therefore, advised that generators be always placed at an open space to avoid inhaling fumes emanating from it.

The remains of the deceased have been released to the families of the bereaved for burial.


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