In Ghana, Kenya, and other African countries, the issues of bonuses have become a very big deal and are threatening to scupper their chances of advancing in World Cup qualifiers.

Well, not in Swaziland.

Their national team, the Sihlangu, have been promised a package for valiantly holding Nigeria to a 0-0 draw on Friday.

The package comprises one goat for each player.

Jonase Vilane, the PRO of Madlenya Football Club, made this pledge and has reportedly made the goats ready for when the players return from the second leg.

Vilane, speaking on SBIS 1 in Mbabane, said he was impressed with the performance displayed by the team during the World Cup first leg qualifier played at the Somhlolo National Stadium.

“The boys surprised us. A lot of people had written them off saying they stood no chance against Nigeria but they proved them otherwise. I was very impressed by Sihlangu and if it happens that they play well in Nigeria, I will talk with my family and do something even bigger for the boys,” he said.

The second leg is slated for Tuesday at the Adokie Amiesimaka Stadium in Port Harcourt.

And with the way the southern Africans were resolute in defence, who knows, maybe a cow will be their reward should they advance into the group stages at the expense of their more illustrious west African hosts.

It was only in September that the Swazi FA increased the winning bonus for each player to $290. Previously, each player got $55 for a win.

"The Executive Committee took the decision to increase the allowances and bonus after the sterling performance of the team. Recently, the players had showed great commitment and the country is proud of them,” FA president Frederick Mngomezulu said at the time.

This increment followed what has been a good year for the national team, after wins against Tanzania and Lesotho as well as a draw with Madagascar. In July, the Sihlangu sensationally beat Guinea 2-1 in an Afcon 2017 qualifier, leaving them top of their group with four games remaining.

Meanwhile, Swaziland coach Harries Bulunga, without a hint of poor punning, continued the theme of animals. Speaking ahead of Tuesday's game, he said: "We’re underdogs, no one expects us to win [against Nigeria], but we can fight against the big dogs."

All this talk of goats and dogs should be making the three-time African champions queasy. But many are willing to bet their nairas on the mighty Super Eagles to go through.

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