For now, they can pride themselves as Ghana’s longest surviving hiplife trio still making waves after 10 years of existence.

Ever since hiplife group 4×4 hit the scene a decade ago, they seem to be multiplying in strength and number, evident in the addition of Fresh Prince to the original duo of Captain Planet and Coded.

Some of the hits from the 4X4 camp include Sikilitele, Contestant Number 1, Hot, World Trade Centre and Waist and Power.

The frequency with which groups are breaking up has, however, sent many wondering if 4X4 would also eventually split.

Speaking to Showbiz last Monday, Captain Planet a member of 4X4 allayed the fears of their fans and said though it was difficult to maintain a group, 4X4 always rode on the respect and love the members had for each other.

“We come from different backgrounds so we have our different approaches to issues but we have always had our own way of resolving issues. We sometimes have our differences but even in the midst of the disagreements, we always find amicable ways to settle issues.

“The name and brand 4X4 is bigger than any member of the group. Nobody feels more talented or too big to kill this reputable brand by leaving the group. 4X4 doesn’t die. We multiply and that is why we added a new member which is evidence of our strength,” he added.

Captain Planet was hesitant to comment on the break-up of groups in the business. He said he respected the decisions of such groups to fold up.

“None of us intend going solo because we salute the 4X4 brand and hold it in high esteem. It is not about individual talents and qualities.”

Touching on the addition of Fresh Prince to the group in 2008, Captain Planet stated that his inclusion made 4X4 a “complete whole” because he is a good singer, the one thing that was missing in the group from the beginning.”

Making themselves relevant after 10 years in the industry is a real feat. Captain Planet told Showbiz that their only weapon for success is hard work and unity.

He said after a decade, the group had grown from “boys to men” and are now more matured to transcend the borders of Ghana and conquer Africa and the world after enjoying the status of being local champions.

The interview couldn’t have ended with Captain Planet not paying tribute to Ronnie Coaches of Buk Bak fame who passed away recently.

Being a protégé of the Buk Bak group, Captain Planet became emotional and recollected the good relationship 4X4 had with Buk Bak.

“4X4 is forever indebted to Buk Bak because they made us who and what we are today. They mentored and gave us the right footing in the industry”.

For now, 4X4 is promoting its new album, 4ward and are optimistic it would be a hit.

4X4 comprises Sylvanus Jeff Dodji (Captain Planet), Russel Edem Avornyo (Coded) and Prince Tamakloe (Fresh Prince). The trio has won several awards including Best Group and Album of the Year at the 2011 and 2012 Ghana Music Awards.