6 basic habits of the elite few

I can’t imagine anything less interesting (or healthy) than a homogenous world where everyone is granted the same rewards, regardless of their choices. For now, we can enjoy the fruits of thinking outside the box and doing what most people don’t think to do so we can get ahead.

Here are 6 basic habits of the elite few:

1. Stay with one thing for 30 days.

By their very meaning, unfair advantages imply doing things that few others do. It’s not "unfair" if you’ve uncovered a more innovative way to work or if you do more in one area than most dare. Doing the same thing every day for a month is rare.

These actions will compound over time, whether writing, working out, creating content, learning a language, or reaching out to new people. Patience is needed here — something hardly anyone has these days. Showing up daily is a simple thing that most avoid. Stay in the game longer than most; you’ll be surprised where this gets you. Once you’ve done 30, make it 60.

2. Be attuned to actions and behavior, not words.

Many people live like they’re in a cheap Mexican soap opera. It’s a life driven by drama, back-stabbing, angst and second-guessing. Much of this is because we take people’s words as fact. They see talk as a direct representation of what’s happening.

Rarely is this so. People talk a lot of crap. They say things that are in no way reflected by what they have done and ultimately do. Those with a "sixth sense" watch actions and take words with a pinch of salt. When you stop basing your trust on verbal communication, you are granted confidence of which others will be envious.

3. Reach out to the people you need daily.

No one creates a significant advantage without the clone-like effect of linking up with other humans. People possess all the money, insight, support, and leverage you need. Only a fool would turn away from the opportunities tied to regularly connecting with others. Factor this activity into your daily practices, and — even if some ignore you — active networking will lead to a net benefit.

4. Be ruthlessly intolerant to worry.

We all know how debilitating it can be when sucked into the quicksand of worrying thoughts. Much of the stress we feel is tied to these hostile mind machinations. They give us a sense of control, but in reality, they ensure we’re very much out of control.

With every additional minute spent worrying, we add a new degree of tilt to our wobble. Those who get ahead know the genuine danger of worry. They rely instead on the kind of wisdom that appears when our minds are still; when we relax.

5. Act the role you need to play.

Most of us are hesitant and play the game of life like it’s a dress rehearsal. You’re in it right now, Sally, so quit holding back. If we hesitate, we reap the rewards of hesitation, i.e. a sizeable tub of not much. Instead, be the person you need to be to fulfill your goals and dreams.

You’re either living that role or you’re not. Who you decide to be sends strong signals to yourself and the Universe. The killers and the real dealers don’t wait. They act the part right now. With this, their performance improves, they rise to challenges, and they enjoy the rewards of being bold.

6. Use ‘laser-sharp presence’ to your advantage.

Everyone has a unique take on how success is attained, and everyone has their own story. But if you were to unpack everyone’s experience, they would all share a common thread: success tends to be granted to people who can remain present to life’s challenges.

If, for example, you get triggered by someone in a work meeting, and you get verbally angry, you distance yourself instantly from harmony, respect, and the rewards that come to those who can remain calm, regardless of the situation.

Another place this applies is in handling challenging tasks. People fail because they get uncomfortable doing the things they need to do. Showing up and writing daily is an example.

Those who succeed get out of their heads and do what needs to be done in the present moment. Presence, they know, creates peace. Resistance and perceived struggle dissipate the minute you step out of your thoughts. This is the secret.

DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.

DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.