Dr Kwame Addo-Kufuor, a presidential aspirant of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has said he would establish a university college in the Volta Region if he becomes president.

He said the proposed university college would have faculties for Medical Sciences, Agro-Technology and Information Communication Technology (ICT) and it would be affiliated to the University of Ghana, Legon.

Dr Addo-Kufuor said this at Nsuta-Buem in the Jasikan District where he addressed polling station chairmen, opinion leaders and constituency executives of the party from the 22 constituencies in the Volta Region.

He said such a university college would be a mark of respect for the Volta Region whose quality human resource contribution to the country’s development is immeasurable.

Dr Addo-Kufuor also said he would establish agriculture based small-scale industries in the region to solve the problem of post harvest losses and attract the youth in the region into agriculture.

On his vision for the country, he said Ghana would have no excuse to remain poor given its natural resources and prospects for becoming a crude-oil exporting country, the coming on stream of West Africa gas pipeline project and the Bui hydroelectric dam.

He said he was poised to manage these and other resources to write off Ghana’s third world status and make her a high-income society.

Dr Addo-Kufuor urged delegates to the party’s December congress to examine all the candidates dispassionately, bearing in mind their future expectations for themselves and their children.

He said he stood out among his opponents as the best choice to meet their aspirations.

Dr Addo-Kufuor said Ghana needed an honest, transparent and accountable leader and prudent manager and that he exhibited these as a minister and a member of parliament.

He said he voluntarily presented all the 80 contracts he executed since 2001 to the Auditor General’s Department for forensic auditing ahead of the Public Account’s Committee’s public sittings.

Source: GNA


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