Adisadel College has defeated city rivals Mfantsipim School and Ghana National College to book a place in finals of the ongoing year's National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) for the third year running.

The contest between two all-male and the mixed school was not devoid of the usual drama that characterises a semi-final contest in the NSMQ over the years. 

The tension in the R.S Amegashie auditorium of the University of Ghana on Monday room was so thick one could almost cut it with a knife as two-time winners Mfantsipim, Adisco and National all got their first question wrong. 

The quiz mistress Dr Elsie Effah Kaufman, noted the difficulty of the semi-finals after the zero score for all the schools right from the beginning. 

The rest of the round emphasized the rivalry in the contest with Adisadel and Mfantsipim keeping at each other’s throats to split the points. The first round ended with Mfantsipim leading with 24, Adisadel following with 23 and National trailed with 16 points.

The Speed Race required the fastest team to ring their bell and answer a question directed to all schools simultaneously.

This round increased the woes of National as the regular semifinalists got two points deducted from their 16 points for getting some answers wrong. Adisadel and Mfantsipim however, pulled ahead to bring their tally to 29 points each.

The 'Problem of the Day' left Mfantsipim and National clutching at straws as they managed on 2 points from a possible 10. Adisadel were on a speedboat at this point as they scored 9 out of 10 points. 

The 'True or False' round didn’t change the pace of the game with Adisadel maintaining their lead from Round Three. Mfantsipim, however, bridged the gap to a point difference. 

The final round brought supporters of Mfantsipim and Adisadel to the edge of their seats but after Adisadel picked the first 2 points out of 4 points, the hopes of Mfantsipim changing the script to overturn Adisadel's good fortunes dimmed. 

The 'Kwabotwe' boys and Ghana National College student were left for dead as the Adisco boys wrapped the competition up with a correct answer in the last round. 

It ended Adisadel College: 48 points, Mfantsipim School: 44 points and Ghana National College: 26 points.