Over four decades ago in 1974, a man embarked on a journey of  the ‘unknown’ to the Ashanti Region town of Jamasi with the task of transforming the local second-cycle institution, Adu Gyamfi Secondary School, now ‘Senior High’. 

Peter Mensah Onumah accepted the challenge in good faith with all the verve at his disposal, left the cozy atmosphere at Adisadel College in Ghana’s citadel of education, Cape Coast to Jamasi , then without electricity.

ADGASS, as goes its acronym, had just been absorbed into the public system having been established and ran by the community for eight years.

Today, it is a model school and a township, a clear departure from the one block of classrooms and administrative offices he met on arrival from Cape Coast.

 Though other personalities have contributed diversely to bring ADGASS to its present status, Mr. Onumah’s accomplishment in infrastructure and student mentorship over a nine-year stint, is absolutely phenomenal! No wonder, the people he groomed and modeled will go at any length to light up the lanterns they used to study with and look for him in the crevice of every planet.

Now prominent men and women serving their families, alma mater, community, nation and world, Mr. Onumah’s ‘children’ are so appreciative of him  as an anticipated date with their ‘father’ at  the school’s 50th anniversary climax, turned a ‘no show’ because the man, now on retirement could not make it.

His inability to attend the function will, however, not deter these past students whose set up a radar on which they finally located him at no less a place than a church in Accra to say, ‘Thank you, Sir, we honour your personality and achievement’.

Adu Gyamfi old Students Association( ADGOSA) remains a major stakeholder in the affairs and development of the school, initiating and executing various projects to make life better for present students.

Such endeavour is complimented with maintaining good and excellent relationship with other interested individuals and groups through periodic interaction to ensure peaceful atmosphere for academic and extra curricular work.

Meanwhile, one of Mr. Onumah’s ‘children’, Anthony Ohemeng Boamah, who works with the United Nations, has just received the meritorious award of Commander in the National Order of Merit of the Republic of Congo, in recognition of his work in the central African country.

It was decreed by President Denis Sassou Nguesso, and consummated by the Congolese Minister for Foreign Affairs and Chancellor of the National Order of Merits.

Junior, Peer and Senior Ohemeng, all ADEHYE3 say in unison, ‘Ayekoo, we’re proud of you’.