Advans Ghana, one of the leading Savings and Loans companies in Ghana ended the year 2021 with six notable awards to its many laurels.

The awards were:

  • The Most sustainable Savings and Loans company of the year – Financial Inclusion Advocacy Centre
  • Outstanding Customer Service of the Year – Ghana Accountancy and Finance Awards
  • Most Promising Corporate Response to Covid-19 – HR Focus Awards
  • Best Company in Project Promoting & Supporting Agriculture And Agribusiness – Sustainability and Social Investments Awards
  • SSI Environment Project of the year – Sustainability and Social Investments Awards
  • The Most Respected CEO, Savings and Loans – The Ghana Industry CEOs Awards
Advans Ghana won 6 awards in 2021; goes digital in 2022

Speaking at the end-of-year customers’ appreciation event of Advans Ghana, the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Olivier Bailly-Béchet emphasised the company’s mission of providing Customer-Centric Financial Services to small businesses, small-holder farmers, and individuals in Ghana.

“Over the years, our focus has been on providing tailor-made financial solutions to businesses, farmers, and individuals who may have limited access to formal financial services, and it is good to see our efforts to ensure financial inclusion of all Ghanaians rewarded greatly by these industry players.

“And above all, this is also an encouragement to continue to actively support our clients and all Ghanaians still financially excluded” he noted.

Advans Ghana was also rewarded for its continuous commitment through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability projects.

Deputy Chief Executive Officer for Advans Ghana Mr Owiredu said, “Since 2017, Advans Ghana has assisted over 30,000 smallholder farmers in purchasing agric inputs, small equipment and to give them financial inclusion training.

In parallel, Advans Ghana has sensitised clients and staff on the importance of reducing global warming by supporting project and planting 1,100 trees in Ghana in 2021”.

Advans Ghana won 6 awards in 2021; goes digital in 2022

Though the year 2021 was faced with the unending impact of Covid-19, Advans Ghana showed its prowess in crisis management and remained resolute in delivering unparalleled financial services to its customers.

Speaking on the various awards, the Chief of Sales and Distribution at Advans Ghana, Mrs Barbara Odei said, “Olivier has contributed much to the financial sector, his well-deserved award by Ghana Industry of Most respected CEO’s recognises the respect Olivier has gained amongst his peers in the industry and staff for his leadership qualities”.

Explaining Advans’ vision for 2022, Olivier Bailly-Béchet said “Advans Ghana has engaged in an important Digital Transformation of the institution and will remain committed to continue to deliver more value to its customers, to improve their satisfaction and to reduce costs of operations through the Digitalization and a higher level of excellence in the coming years”.

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