The Advertising Association of Ghana (AAG) has blamed the poor state of billboards in the Accra metropolis on local authorities and activities of unlicensed firms.

The aftermath of Sunday's downpour has once again exposed challenges with citing these structures.  

The unnerving sights of mangled metal frames of billboards scattered around the city in the aftermath of heavy rains is a phenomenon anyone moving around the capital will observe.

This trend has brought outdoor advertisement in Ghana under a lot of scrutinies.

Executive Director of the Advertisers Association of Ghana, Francis Dadzie pointed out some factors that contribute to the menace.

"There are issues of inferior materials being used in these days of many printing houses for outdoor advertising…there is a level of 'galamsey' in the advertising industry.

"A billboard should have sound footing, a foundation should be done because every billboard depending on the weight and size that is going up size should have a corresponding foundation to hold the structure," he said. 

Mr Dadzie bemoaned how some people are putting structures under billboards to endanger their lives since no one can control the act of God. 

"A billboard should fall freely without causing havoc, and in that regard, there are some places that should not have billboards," he said. 

Mr. Dadzie entreated government to pass the Advertising Standards Bill as a form of disciplinary measure to check and regulate activities of the advertising industry.

"We are promoting a bill so that there is a legal backing for people to be licensed to advertising practitioners before they practice. As it stands today, it is free for all, that is why I am saying it is 'galamsey'.

"Election year especially are the periods we have an avalanche of unauthorised billboards," he added. 

He also entreated the AMA and other local government authorities across the country to collaborate with the Association to put in place new regulations.

According to him, this will ensure that such structures are well-engineered and also meet international safety standards for their erection.

He said they are ready as a professional advertising body to take up their responsibility to help stakeholders to put things right.

The AAG president believes some companies should be slapped with hefty fines for the hazards their structures pose to individuals in the metropolis.