Capt. (rtd.) Joel Kwame Sowu

Following the recent Coup d’état in Guinea, led by General Mamady Doumbouya, Retired Military Officer, Captain (rtd.) Joel Kwame Sowu has said that, the continent’s leaders have failed to tackle such acts of mutiny from the root cause. 

According to him, the continent’s leaders continue to neglect the general needs of the citizenry, which has often been the cause of such coups. 

Speaking on the Prime Morning show, Tuesday, he stated that, until African leaders begin to understand and obtain a full grasp of how to lead people, political overthrows will persist even in the 21st century. 

To him, coups become necessary when political leaders become so drunk with power, that they forget to have a plan for developing their countries and improving the standard of living of the people.

“…coups will continue to happen if African leaders do not wise up in their approach to leadership,” he said.

Citing the case of Rwanda as an example, he explained that President Paul Kagame is but one of the few leaders with foresight who is transforming the living standards of his people.

He insinuated that, for many leaders on the continent, extended tenure of office as was the case of Alpha Conde is not what they need to transform their countries as they claim. Rather with a decisive developmental agenda, a single tenure of office will be sufficient to transform their nations into the right shape.

“…Kagame has a plan for Rwanda, that is why he has the support of his people,” he said.

He advised political leaders on the continent to reason up and ensure that the needs of the people are satisfied, as against their own parochial interests, to avoid the recurrence of coups on the continent. 

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