Local airline operators in the country have been urged to collaborate in a way so that they can transfer passengers from one airline to another where necessary.

That, according to the Director-General of the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), Air Commodore K. Mamphey, would build the confidence of passengers to travel by air, which still remained the safest mode of transportation.

The GCAA boss was speaking at a two-day stakeholders’ meeting with domestic airline operators in Accra.

He charged them to create more visible customer service points and put in place measures which would enhance customer travelling experience and customer/airline staff interaction, including informing booked passengers prior to cancellation of flights.

Air Commodore Mamphey said he believed that the domestic airline operators could tailor their services and adjust their approaches towards meeting the respective needs of customers.

Representatives of all four domestic airlines; Antrak Air, CitiLink, Starbow and Fly540 – were present at the meeting and, after discussions with the GCAA, agreed that despite the desire to satisfy the communication needs of all customers by introducing local languages on local flights, the airlines could not afford to translate all onboard information to passengers in the various Ghanaian languages due to time constraints on the domestic routes and cost.

The GCAA, however, tasked them to consider producing a documentary on flight information in the local languages which would be shown at the waiting areas of the domestic terminal to educate all passengers even before they board any aircraft on the domestic routes.

The director-general said in spite of the existing competition, domestic airline operators should find a way of working together to be able to transfer passengers from one airline to another where and when necessary and thereby build the confidence of passengers to travel by air.

The GCAA introduced to the airlines a new customer complaint form which would be available on its website and at vantage points around the airport.

Taking the representatives through the forms, the Director of Economic Regulations of the GCAA, Mrs. Catherine Hoffman, said the forms were intended to empower passengers to make formal complaints aimed at developing the aviation industry.

When launched, passengers and the public would be encouraged to use the avenue to formally complain about conditions of aircraft, customer service and any other issue that affected the development of the industry.

She urged the airlines not to view the complaint forms as a reporting tool but rather see them as one of the ways by which they could grow their airlines.

The Director of Safety Regulations of the GCAA, Mr Daniel Acquah, who presented the new civil aviation regulation, which was enacted in December 2011, urged the airline operators to acquire copies for their airlines and operate within the confines of the law.

Present at the meeting was the Deputy Managing Director of the Ghana Ports Company Limited, Mr J.Q. Amedior.