MP for Builsa North, James Agalga

The Minority in Parliament has called on President Akufo-Addo to initiate measures to address the rising incidence of insecurity in the country.

Member of Parliament for Builsa North, James Agalga, speaking to the press, Tuesday, noted that the second term of the President has been characterised by the gruesome murder of citizens in daylight robberies.

“Four years more for Nana has begun with a rise in fear of crime. Ghanaians no longer feel safe. Cases of violent crime, particularly, robbery are shaking the foundation of our nation and it is only fair and a duty for us to call on the Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s administration to up its game,” he stated.

According to Mr Agalga, the deficit in police-population ratio is already a matter of concern that requires much attention. These devastating loss of police personnel he said, would affect the number of Police personnel available to serve the citizenry.

“It is instructive to note that Ghana is yet to meet the United Nations minimum Police: Population ratio of 1:500. The Police: Population ratio of Ghana still hovers around 1:800. What this means is that the security of about 800 citizens will be in jeopardy anytime the nation loses a single Police Officer”.

He further explained that the spike in crime rates has demoralized the security personnel. For him, many should be worried of the state of the country’s security if the very people supposed to protect Ghanaians are now concerned about their very survival.

“The life of every Ghanaian matters, including the lives of men and women who swore an oath to provide protection for us. When the protector is killed, what will those who were expected to be protected do?

“We cannot continue to witness in pain, officers go through preventable deaths. Losing five Police Officers within a week through different causes is quite worrying as the security of 4000 Ghanaians per the ratio, is compromised bringing more pressure to bear on the reduced police numbers,” he added.

His comments follow the ghastly manner with which a police officer, Emmanuel Osei and a hawker, Afua Badu were killed by armed robbers at Adedenkpo, a suburb of James Town in Accra on Monday, June 14.

The police officer met his untimely demise while on duty escorting a bullion van.

Meanwhile, the Builsa North MP has described as unlawful the decision taken by the Inspector-General of Police, James Oppong-Boanuh to withdraw police escort if banks do not provide fortified armoured vehicles for carting money by the end of June.

“The directive of the IGP is in direct contravention to that of the regulator, Bank of Ghana,” he said.

He has, therefore, called on the IGP and the Governor of the Bank of Ghana to reconcile their conflicting positions and work as a team in the interest of national peace and security.

Mr Agalga also added that the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) being made to take over the investigations into the James Town robbery incident uncalled for.

“This call is a show of disrespect to the discerning public. The Director General of CID, by the Police rules and regulations. is the Chief Criminal Investigator and it is needless for the IGP to be directing him to do his work.

“If the IGP thinks the DG/CID is not up to the task, a reshuffle is an option available but to remind him to do his job. It looks like a cut and paste from the directive given to Prof Ken Attafuah of National Identification Authority by the President to ensure a balance in recruitment, something that in a working democracy, Prof Attafuah does not need to be reminded of,” he added.