Former Power Minister, John Jinapor

Ranking member on Mines and Energy Committee of Parliament has called on President Akufo-Addo to dissolve the Interim Management Committee probing into cable and gas oil theft at the Tema Oil Refinery (TOR).

“Our view is that, the so called Interim Management ought to be dissolved,” John Jinapor said.

Speaking on Joy FM’s News Night, he explained that the Management team was instituted in June with the aim of checking and putting an end to some of the lapses witnessed at the refinery.

Again, the Interim Management Committee was only compelled to come out with the information since the lost products belonged to a private entity and pressure was involved.

Mr. Jinapor said situation of thievery has rather escalated under the current Interim Management Committee, adding that the Committee “is supposed to put in place checks and to avert what we are witnessing.”

“If their duty was to come and sit, allow the matter to happen, allow fuel to be stolen and then they will come and say that ‘look fuel has been stolen, we want to investigate it’ then we don’t even need that committee at all. The essence of the committee was that fuel was being stolen, fuel was not well accounted for so they should come and put in place measures to ensure that that is not done.

“Now under this Management Committee, in this very September about three different incident has occurred, you cannot praise them for superintending over the lost and stealing of fuel products,” he stressed.

He also condemned the annual change of Managing Director ever since the government took power. According to him, the constant change of MD is not a good practice.

Mr. John Jinapor, therefore suggested for a substantive Managing Director to be appointed in the stead of the IMC.

“Almost one year after being sworn into office, TOR the only refinery in the country doesn’t even have a Board so clearly there a major problem there,” he voiced out.

“So I think that the President should dissolve the committee and appoint a Board devoid of partisan politics,” he added.

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