Trade and Industry Minister, John Alan Kyerematen has donated bags of cement towards the completion of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Chaplaincy.

The 1,500 cement bags will go into the building of the Christian Worship Center by the Students Chaplaincy Council (SCC) which was started a decade ago.

The over 80,000 student population and the resultant growing Christian numbers has put pressure on the places of worship on campus.

The Students Chaplaincy Council (S.C.C) therefore decided to put up an edifice to salvage the situation.

Upon completion, the building will have 4 auditoria, an Amphitheatre, vestry, library, offices, 2 chapels and multipurpose hall.

It will also have 2 chapels with 500 seating capacity, accommodation facilities, counselling rooms and a secretariat.

Alan Kyerematen supports KNUST in nurturing transformational leaders

The Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof. Mrs. Rita Dickson was optimistic the gesture will be crucial in “the exercise of students’ religious right.”

She appealed to the minister to use his influence to help in the further development of the university.

“This donation means a lot to us. We’ll also appeal to you to use your office to garner other support for us from the country and possibly outside,” she added.

Though Mr. Kyerematen pointed out his familial attachment to the University, he says he was driven by the University’s quest to nurture transformational leaders.

“Three of my siblings are alumni of the University. My late father, Dr. Alexander Atta Yaw Kyerematen was Chairman of the University Council, many years back.

“Although, I’m not a graduate of the University, any effort towards making sure that you go beyond your core mandate to train people who’ll provide transformational leadership to the country, will be supported,” he said.

Mr. Kyerematen also appealed to benevolent individuals to help in the development of the country’s tertiary institutions.

“The task of developing our tertiary institutions must not be just the responsibility of government or the university authorities.

“I believe it’s the responsibility of all of us who are interested in the development of our country,” he appealed.