Police Officer and award winning gospel singer, Superintendent Kofi Sarpong, says all police officers will go to heaven.

Even though the police have been crucified severally by the public as being the most corrupt state institution in Ghana, Kofi Sarpong believes police officers are all destined for heaven since their profession is a “divine calling”.

He told Hitz @ 1 that, “the police profession is a calling, our lives rest in the hands of God, and he has given us the opportunity to protect the live he has put on earth and the property he has given to the nation.”

“The book of Matthew even said that ‘blessed are the peacemakers for they shall inherit the kingdom of God’ and so in generality I am saying that every police officer has a visa to heaven,” he added.

Reacting to whether he is aware that some police officers take bribe he said, if any police officer takes bribe “then it means they are deviating from the calling I am saying”.

Supt Kofi Sarpong stressed that, “I haven’t experienced one before; I haven’t taken bribe from anybody since I started the profession because I know that my duty is to protect lives and property and make sure that people go about their duty without any hitch.”

The ‘Ayeyi Ndwom’ singer believes that if someone has given a police man a bribe, then that person has also tempted the police man because “the laws says that the giver and taker are all guilty.”              

Supt Sarpong, who will be launching his ‘I believe’ album come on November 1 2015, threw a warning to police officers who take bribe to desist from the act else he will personally deal with them when they are caught.

When asked if police officers who take bribe will also make it to heaven, he said, “the scripture said that we shouldn’t judge so we won’t be the judge. Judgment is in the hands of God. We leave it to him.”