Chief Justice Kwasi Anin-Yeboah

The General Legal Council (GLC)’s Disciplinary Committee has established 9 instances of professional misconduct against a legal practitioner, Kwasi Afrifa.

Mr Afrifa is facing disciplinary proceedings after his client, Ogyeedom Obranu Kwesi Atta VI, had sought the assistance of the General Legal Council to retrieve $75,000 from him.

This follows the GLC’s preliminary inquiry that concluded that a case of misconduct, has been established against him at a first impression.

The Traditional ruler alleges that Mr Afrifa had asked for an amount of $100,000 to undertake “ways and means” to secure a favourable court judgement.

The ruler adds that after realising Mr Afrifa was not going to carry out this “ways and means,” he demanded a refund and has since collected $25,000 from the lawyer.

He, therefore, dragged Mr Afrifa to the General Legal Council demanding the outstanding amount.

Mr Afrifa, in his response to this complaint, levelled some serious allegations against the Chief Justice, Kwasi Anin-Yeboah.

He claims it’s rather the Traditional ruler who informed him, that the Chief Justice had agreed to ensure a favourable ruling in his case provided he selects Mr Akoto Ampaw as a lawyer in the stead of Mr Afrifa and pay an amount of $5m.

The Chief Justice has since asked the Police CID to investigate the matter. Mr Afrifa was interrogated by CID officers and told pressmen that he committed no crime by stating the truth.

A copy of the GLC’s documents sighted by JoyNews levels charges including the following against the lawyer:

  • that he failed to protect the sanctity and integrity of the legal profession by failing to disclose the allegation of bribery against the Chief Justice to the Disciplinary Committee of the Judicial Council or any other statutory body for an inquiry
  • failure to issue receipts to his client following payment of legal fees,
  • that he facilitated the commission of the alleged bribery offence by refunding fees he was legally paid and duly entitled to,
  • that he made a reckless statement suggesting judicial manipulation by the Chief Justice of the Republic of Ghana.

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