The Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs (AYE) paid a familiarisation visit to the National Board for Small Scale Industries (NBSSI) to enlighten themselves on the working protocols of the board.

The delegation led by the group’s president; Abbey Richard on Wednesday called on the Executive Director of NBSSI, Kosi Antwiwaa Yankey, and some staff of the board.

The president outlined the purpose of the group which included capacity building, access to funding, business networking and business to business collaborations.

AYE Ghana

She stated that some of the core duties of the board which included capacity training for small scale businesses, support and counselling for members, funding for registered members, organisation of trade fairs to name a few.

The Board she said, has about 178 District offices and Business Advisories.

One major challenge, however, facing the NBSSI she said, is the repayment of soft loans. Due to this factor, the NBSSI is currently focused on supporting services.

Kosi Antwiwaa Yankey advised that organisations should not criticise government but rather meet with the appropriate offices to dialogue.

Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs, however, registered with the Board as a member after the meeting and pledged to engage them going forward on capacity building and soft loans for its members.