Oriens Complex School, a leading private junior high school at American Farm-Toptown, a community in Ngleshie Amanfro in the Ga South Municipality of the Greater Accra Region, has received a student delegation from the University of Promanova in Germany.

Oriens Complex School received the students as part of its exchange programme with the German school.

The delegation from German is made up of performing arts students.

A workshop was held on the premises of Oriens Complex School, where students were taught basics in  German language and also how to maintain good composure for cameras when they are acting.

The drama group of the school put up a splendid performance in which the students from the German school were taken through Ghanaian dance moves like Kpanlogo, Adowa and  Agbadza as well as drumming lessons.

Under the exchange programme, some selected students from Oriens Complex School, together with their teachers, went to Germany last year to take part in a German cultural program for the first time.

Earlier in the day, the delegation from the German school joined the students from Oriens Complex School on a float through some principal streets of the community.

In his opening remarks, the Head teacher Mr Maclean Mensah thanked the delegation for the partnership.

He said  Oriens Complex School is also in partnership with Brooksbank  Sports College and Fosse Way Primary School in the United Kingdom.

Mr Maclean Mensah said he looks forward to a sustainable partnership with a long term mutual benefits for his school and partern institutions.

The children will be encouraged to learn the German language and later explore other opportunities.

 “We are learning the German culture, especially how they do their things,” said Mr Maclean Mensah.

He disclosed that some of the students and teachers from Oriens Complex School will travel to study in Germany and after that come back to share their experiences with their colleagues.

The leader of the delegation from the German school, Felix Buchner, said they divided themselves into groups and went into various classrooms to educate the children on basics in performing arts while other groups took the children through voice and general body training which is aimed at enhancing arts education in the school.

Felix Buchner commended the school's management board for the partnership.

He pledged his readiness to support the school to become a model school for arts education in  Ghana, adding that he will link the school to some of the German scholarship intuitions to see if the children can win some of them.