The ‘Amina’ mass sex story which appears to have died down a few days now, has reared its ugly head again.

Just as the dust was settling on the matter, a man called Michael Frimpong, a resident of Kumasi, who claims to have been on the controversial Yutong bus, has been arrested by the police and is currently languishing in jail at the Police headquarters in Accra.

He was picked up on Thursday after granting an interview to Great FM, an Achimota based private radio station in Accra where he gave vivid descriptions of what happened on that fateful day on October 11,2010, exonerating Amina from any blame.

In the interview, Michael claimed he was on board the bus with registration number GN 623-10, which he said was sprayed in ash and was bound for Bolgatanga when the incident occurred

“We left Accra at about 10:30 pm and when we got to Kubease near Ejisu, I heard the driver shout ‘Jesus’ and applied the brakes.”

He claimed the armed robbers fired warning shots, some of which hit the bonnet as well as the side mirror of the bus, with broken glasses splashed on the driver.

“The driver tried to move but because they had blocked the road with logs, he had to park.”

He said he saw four of the robbers including two women who were the first to board the bus and ordered the passengers to surrender all their valuables.
“They searched everywhere and after taking what they wanted, they ordered the women to step out of the bus first.”

Frimpong claimed that when the female passengers were asked to step out of the bus, they were all ordered to remove their clothing before the robbers lined them up beside the bus.

“The male passengers were also ordered out and I was ordered to lie on top of a woman who is more than 40 years and have sex with her.'”

He claimed two females on the bus were spared the sex ordeal because one was very old and another said she was in her menses, adding that two white women who were on the bus were also forced to have sex with the men.

Frimpong further claimed that when he pretended to be having sexual intercourse with his partner, one of the robbers hit his waist with the butt of a gun and it impelled him to have sex with the woman.

He claimed a man who was sending his daughter to school was forced to sleep with the 14-year-old girl.

He said after the incident, the driver sent them to Ejisu Police Station where they were all asked to stand in front of the office whilst the driver went inside with a police officer. On their return, the police asked the driver to proceed to his destination and come back to report to them.

When asked why it had taken him so long to help the police unravel the mystery surrounding the matter, Frimpong said he was afraid the police would arrest him and treat him the same way they did to Amina.

Police had described the mass rape report as a hoax, putting Amina before court for causing fear and panic.

Amina Mohammed, 24, a mother of three, reported how armed robbers attacked their Bolgatanga bound Yutong bus and forced male passengers to have sex with their female counterparts, including a father who was supposedly forced to sleep with his I4-year-old daughter.

Amina was picked up on Saturday, October 30, 2010 by the police, together with the reporter who broke the story on Adom FM, to assist in investigations.

The reporter was released after several hours of interrogation but Amina was detained and finally charged on Tuesday November 2 for publishing false information to cause fear and panic and deceit of a public officer.

After initially being denied bail, she was eventually granted bail by a Human Rights Court in Accra on Friday, November 5 in the sum of GH¢5,OOO with one surety.

Source: Daily Guide


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