Executive Secretary of the National Coalition for Proper Human Sexual Rights and Family Values, Dr Moses Foh-Amoaning says the anti-LGBT+ bill does not seek to promote hate.

He says the bill, on the contrary, is aimed at promoting the rights of all Ghanaians including persons who belong to the LGBTQI+ community.

“I’ve heard a lot of propaganda material on the internet which doesn’t represent what the law is all about, but if you read the law, you’ll realise that this is in no way about hate. The Bill is designed to protect the rights of all Ghanaians,” he said.

His comment comes after a group of lawmakers proposed a Bill to criminalise LGBTQI+ activities in the country.

The recent anti-LGBT bill drafted by some eight Ghanaian legislators has created several controversies since it was sighted on social media.

The discussion as to whether the 36-page bill indeed seeks to infringe on the human rights of citizens as well as silence free speech has been ongoing for days.

But reacting to the development on the Super Morning Show, Dr Foh-Amoaning explained that the bill is protective of human rights such that it imposes a duty on all citizens to report LGBTQI+ activities instead of physically or verbally abusing victims.

“Nobody is given the right to act extrajudicial. So even if you think that somebody is committing homosexual offenses, you have no right to jump on the person or abuse the person verbally,” he said.

Dr Foh-Amoaning further contends that claims that the Bill is aimed at promoting hate for members of the LGBTQI+ community are mere “propaganda” being pushed by the LGBTQI+ community.

He said the Bill is only aimed at promoting Ghanaian values since no Ghanaian ethnic group subscribes to the practice of any of the activities of the LGBTQI community.

“It is a bill that promotes proper human sexual rights and Ghanaian values. We are trying to strengthen the legal framework to address all the manifestations of what is an LGBTQI agenda,” he said.

In addition, he said the Anti-LGBTQI Coalition has established a medical system that treats persons in the LGBTQ+ spectrum.

“Lawyers have gone to it, judges have gone to it. So many people. I don’t want to mention names. We’ve treated them and they’re all fine. And if you have friends who are in that type of situation, we are willing to help them,” he said.

Also, “persons who recant their status as LGBTQ+ would not have to serve the 10-year jail term but rather would be given medical treatments such as; psychological, psychiatric, and counselling.”