Apple on Monday raised its price for out-of-warranty iPhone 12 repairs compared to the iPhone 11, yet another change that may make the 2020 model more expensive.

For the base iPhone 12, it’ll cost $279 to fix a cracked screen if you don’t have AppleCare+, which is $80 more than the iPhone 11.

The price jump is likely because Apple switched from an LCD to an OLED display.

“Other damage” on the iPhone 12 will also cost $50 more than the iPhone 11, jumping from $399 to $449.

Out-of-warranty repairs for the iPhone 12 Pro models remain the same as the iPhone 11 Pro at $279.

If you have Apple’s warranty service, AppleCare+, the price of repairs is unchanged: $29 for a broken screen and $99 for other damage.

Apple says the iPhone 12 has its toughest display ever with a new “ceramic shield” made from “nano-ceramic crystals,” which makes the iPhone 12 less susceptible to physical damage.

This isn’t the only change angering price-conscious customers. Apple said it would no longer include a power adapter and earphones with iPhone 12 boxes.

It also never announced the iPhone 12 would be $30 more expensive with carriers other than AT&T and Verizon.

Apple has previously said that it doesn’t make money off of repairs, but many remain skeptical because Apple is known to charge high prices for out-of-warranty fixes.