One of two candidates challenging Mubarak Muntaka in the Asawasi NDC parliamentary primaries has pulled out from to contest at the last minute.

U.S–based Mustapha Ahmed who had been considered a major threat to the incumbent is now throwing his support behind the other candidate, Annis Moghtar.

Nhyira Fm’s Ohemeng Tawiah caught up with Alhaji Ahmed just after he formally notified the Electoral Commission of his decision to withdraw.

When asked why this sudden u-turn, Alhaji Ahmed explained “we realized that the two of us going into the contest would have shown a different result that we wouldn’t expect”.

Alhaji Mustapha Ahmed told journalist when he submitted nomination forms a month ago he was in the contest to purge “Asawasi Constituency name of corruption canker hanging on its neck”.

“We all know from the poll that we had that I was actually the front runner but in any case we don’t want to take any risk so we decided that we should combine our team and form one team in order to fight and make sure we win on a resounding victory,” he explained.

“And for that matter one of us was suppose to step down but at the end of the day I decided to step down for Annis because he has the same capabilities and same temperaments and he will make a good Member of Parliament”.

Meanwhile, voting has started in other constituencies where National Democratic Congress has sitting MPs.

They are Ejura-Sekyeredumase, where the incumbent Mohammed Pangabu faces stiff opposition from Emmanuel Badu, Charles Antwi Kyeremeh, Kombat Suuk and Peter Boakye Ansah.

The election there was being supervised by the Ashanti Regional Minister, Dr. Kwaku Agyemang-Mensah, Energy Minister Dr. Joe Oteng Adjei and Ashanti Regional NDC Chairman Yaw Obimpeh.

Voting was underway in the New Edubiase where the MP Ernest Kofi Yakah is being contested by Oheneba Kwabena Andoh. Regional Youth Organizer Kwaku Boahene and Animah Wilson, Deputy Regional Minister are represented the party in the constituency.


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