A midwife at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital has urged mothers to sit properly when breastfeeding to ensure their children feed properly.

Racheal Hesse Matey described a good position as sitting in a chair with back support, laid-back, legs stretched and resting on the floor.

Speaking on Prime Morning with Emefa Adeti on Tuesday, she said, “breast milk is good for babes, but women should learn how to breastfeed them properly.”

“The baby must be secured with the palm of the hand and the head resting in the hand,” she said.

She added that most women do not like breastfeeding because of the pains associated with it.

“Breast milk is good for babies as it contains all the nutrients children need to grow. But breastfeeding becomes unbearable when you are not positioned well,” she said.

The pains come in different forms, with the common ones being back and waist pains.

Babies feel uncomfortable when they are not placed well during breastfeeding, according to the midwife.  

The best way to avoid the pains is to be in a proper sitting position.

World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) occurs annually on the first week of August.

It represents a global celebration of breastfeeding efforts, including breastfeeding promotion, support, education, research, progressive trends and normalising breastfeeding as the gold standard of infant nutrition.

WBW started in 1992 to generate public awareness and support for breastfeeding and is officially celebrated on 1-7 August every year.

In commemorating the week in Ghana, health experts have used the opportunity to educate women on the importance of breastfeeding.

Adding her voice to the calls, she said, women should prioritise breastfeeding, especially the first six months after delivery.

They should know the complications that come with it.

“If you are not in a good position, you will feel back, waist and neck pains. The child will not feel comfortable if not handled well. You might compromise the Childs’ health,” she said.