Ghana’s AY Poyoo was featured on BBC Africa on Wednesday with his hit GOAT song.

The 20-year-old believes he is the face of hip-hop and called on hip hop artists to map up their game.

“Right now, I am the face of hip-hop music, whatever artist they are, if they don’t take their work seriously, I will take all and I will be the face of music,” he said.

Describing himself as a full-time entertainer, a rapper, and an actor, AY needed a line to vibe with the animal goat to enable him to arrest the attention of the public.

“I needed something that will let me blow, I needed something catchy for people to vibe with the GOAT song am coming to drop so I was like, I am the GOAT, I am the GOAT, should I add something like ‘maa’ because a goat is an animal and it bleats ‘maa’, and that is fire,” he said.

Even though AY did not expect to be this famous, social media made a way, giving a sort of pride.

“I did not expect to be at that level but right now, it has automatically changed my life because I have gotten international recognition.

When people ask me for money, I just show them the picture, I do not have money but I have but I have Snoop Dogg’s comments on IG (Instagram), I am over glad, he added.

The Goat hitmaker is hoping that the fight against coronavirus will be fully won enable him to tour.

“I am hoping that the corona will go and then we start touring”.

Considering his background, and his belief in giving back to society, the young star visited an orphanage home with some donation.

“I just came to this orphanage home and we donated some stuff to them, after my video reached one million views on YouTube, I decided to share the revenue generated with the needy.

“I did it because I am from a poor background and even the little that we have, we are used to sharing and I feel the pain they are in. I love giving and it’s not ending here,” AY promised.

According to him, there was discouragement from friends and family, “people didn’t believe in me.

“My family and friends told me to find a better job to do, they were telling me music and comedy will not take me far, it doesn’t pay but now they are all my fans today,” he noted.

He said he had his chains, skill, and others but “I was only left with the brand.

He described the chains as a representation of his continent, “especially Ghana” for its richness in Gold.

AY Poyoo is hopeful to breakthrough hence the type of chains on his neck.

“You see this heavy chain, I am breaking through all the barriers”

He sends appreciation to all for the love and support, assuring something big in his upcoming project.