A steel manufacturing company, B5 Plus Limited has received top awards in the country for its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and investment in business for the year 2021 under review.

Sustainability & Social Investment awards 2021

At the just ended Sustainability & Social Investment awards, 2021 held last week Friday, November 26, B5 Plus Limited was adjudged the best Covid-19 Healthcare response company.

It will be recalled that B5 Plus Limited gave a huge relief to Ghana’s Covid-19 fight by offering free oxygen refilling to all Government and Private Hospitals in the country till the day Covid-19 is defeated in the country, an intervention that earned massive praise in the country.

The purpose of the SSI Awards is to create awareness and encourage companies in delivering high impact CSI/CSR projects that align with government’s focus on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), to adopt a multi-stakeholder approach that leads to excellent outcomes and also, to infuse corporate social investments and innovations in the form of approach, usage of technology and expertise towards solving developmental challenges faced by the society, individuals and communities as a whole.

These Awards are created to recognize businesses that creatively approached corporate social responsibility and reward those who are creating new standards, committing their organization to make social responsibility an integral part of their business.

B5 Plus was further cited as a steel company with the indomitable spirit and a focused vision and relentless efforts of its employees under the astute guidance of its Chairman, Mukesh Thakwani, who has been at the company’s helm from its inception and has carried it forward to its present position of prominence.

“Governed by Mr Thakwani, one of the best entrepreneurial visionary endowed with an enterprising spirit and ability to discern future trends, the company has grown by investing in the country. Duke of Edinburgh’s International Awards Association, therefore, honoured Mr Thakwani for his generous contribution towards the socio-economic development of Ghana”.

Top Executives of B5 Plus Ltd. including N.V.V. Chalapathi Rao and Sandeep Sawlani were present at the awards ceremony to receive the company’s award. Mr. Chalapathi Rao thanked the organizers for the honour and assured them that B5 Plus Ltd. will eschew complacency but strive hard to deliver top-notch services and also continue to contribute its quota towards national development.

B5 Plus Limited adjudged best Covid-19 Healthcare Response Company

Below are some of the awards B5 Plus Ltd. won for the year 2021 under review;

B5 Plus Limited adjudged Best CSR Company of the year, 2021 by the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI)

At the 10th AGI Ghana Industry & Quality Awards 2021, B5 Plus Limited was adjudged best CSR Company in Ghana whiles the company’s Chairman, Mr. Mukesh Thakwani was appointed as a Member of the AGI Governing Council.

2021 Ghana Industry CEOs Awards

Mr. Mukesh Thakwani was honoured as Ghana’s most respected CEO. The Ghana Industry CEOs awards aimed at identifying the most respected CEOs in Ghana through public votes and the practice of Good Corporate Governance across a wide range of sectors.

CIMG Annual National Marketing Performance Awards

The CIMG’s annual National Marketing Performance Awards also awarded B5 Plus Pre-Engineering Buildings as the Product of the year, 2020 (manufacturing).

National Customers’ Choice Awards Ghana (NCCAG) 2021

The National Customers’ Choice Awards Ghana also honoured Chairman of the B5 Plus Ltd., Mr. Mukesh Thakwani as the Industrialist for the year 2021 for his innovativeness in business approach.

4th Ghana Business Awards, 2021

At the just ended Ghana Business Awards, 2021 which provides the platform to recognize individuals and companies that play a significant role in the growth and development of their business sector, B5 Plus Limited, was adjudged Manufacturing Company of the year.

Ghana Shippers Awards, 2021

B5 Plus Limited also won the Dry Bulk Importer of the year category at the Ghana Shippers Awards, 2021. B5 Plus Ltd was cited for playing a significant role in the growth and development of the shipping industry.

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