Vice-Chairman of LPG Marketers Association of Ghana, Gabriel Kumi has revealed that they had to embark on the strike action because their financial situation has become dire.

In an interaction on JoyNews’ PM Express on Wednesday, Mr. Kumi asserted that their bankers are seizing their homes to defray debts owed.

“We are taking this action now because some of the collaterals we use to secure these facilities are being attacked by the banks,” he said.

He added that two members of the Association have passed on as a result of frustrations from the current situation.

He cited another member who also suffered as a result of the inability to settle his debt.

“Just about a month ago, one of our elders’ house was invaded by the bank and the Police, they took away every single movable property from the house including the bed he sleeps on.”

As a result of the above-mentioned, he stated that “if the Association fails to act, a lot of our members are going to go into serious problems.”

The Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) Marketers Association of Ghana, the Ghana LPG Operators Association of Ghana and the Tanker Drivers Association of Ghana declared an industrial strike action in the course of the week.

The striking groups raised a number of issues, including the shutdown of some stations as a result of the Atomic Junction gas explosion five years ago. They are asking the government to immediately lift the ban.

According to them, government’s refusal to re-open some gas stations that were closed after the 2017 gas explosion has affected its members hence the need to embark on the strike.

Meanwhile, the strike has had an impact on LPG customers, who have been denied access to the product due to scarcity. This has forced some consumers to switch to charcoal.