Barclays Ghana and the proudly Ghanaian owned food business, Starbites Food & Drinks, have launched a joint partnership that offers customers 50% discount on Tuesday evenings when they pay with a Barclays Visa Credit or Debit card.

Known as the “Barclays Tuesdays”, this juicy 50% discount on the ‘Barclays Menu’ is available to all Barclays Debit and Credit cardholders at all Starbites branches in Accra and Asokwa in Kumasi.

Aside Tuesdays, Barclays customers enjoy a 10% discount at Starbites on any other day. The event which was attended by customers and employees of the bank was also supported by other stakeholders including the Country Manager for Visa.

Speaking at the launch of the partnership at the Nester Square branch of Starbites, Airport City, Mr Charles Addo, Retail Banking Director at Barclays Ghana, indicated that the promotion is to appreciate customers who continue to do business with the bank and also give them lifestyle benefits.

“As we transition to Absa, customers will remain at the heart of everything we do. What you are witnessing is a demonstration of our commitment to continuously add value to our relationship with our customers. We are customer-obsessed and this is one of our ways of rewarding loyal customers of the bank,” Mr Addo stated.

Mr Jude Mettle, Marketing Manager of Starbites, promised patrons an amazing Barclays Tuesday experience with good food, great company and excellent service.

He also took the opportunity to share some other activities hosted by Starbites Accra and Kumasi Branches which includes Celebrity Wednesdays, Karaoke Thursdays, Friday Old school night, Weekend Life Music and Sunday Buffet.

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