The Majority Chief Whip of the New Patriotic Party Caucus in Parliament, Frank Annoh-Dompreh has hinted at a possible Bawumia-Alan tag team in the upcoming 2024 Presidential elections.

The Nsawam-Adoagyiri MP who made the allusion in a Twitter post stated that such a collaboration would be greatly beneficial to the NPP’s Danquah-Busia-Dombo tradition.

He said, “The Bawumia-Alan project is a must for the success of this great Tradition… I am all for it!”

His comment comes as no surprise as the legislator has in recent times been highlighting the strong traditions of the NPP and the immeasurable contribution of the Northern Caucus to the development of said tradition.

In an earlier publication on his Twitter page, he had described the NPP’s Northern Caucus as an integral part of the Party which has been instrumental in the development of the Party’s preserving traditions.

He recounted the immeasurable contribution of stalwarts like SD Dombo, Chief Bawumia, and others who through their magnanimity were able to secure Dr. K.A. Busia a position as leader of the United Party which subsequently earned him the Prime Minister position.

“It was under his tenure that President J. A. Kuffour got his first opportunity at governance as a deputy minister.

“Again in 1979, when Victor Owusu was encumbered by trumped-up charges, it was Yakubu-Tali the PFP party chairman who became the face of the party.

“Canvassing across the length & breadth of the country to sell the PFP’s vision for office. When Victor Owusu was discharged by the Commission of Enquiry, Alhaji Tali was gracious enough to allow him to become the party’s flagbearer without rancour, divisiveness, or bitterness, even though he had worked so hard,” he added.

He maintained that the sacrifice of Alhaji Tali towards the unification and elevation of the party had largely ensured the stability the party enjoys today.

“In the lead up to the 1992 elections, Roland Issifu Alhassan, a founding member of the party, in whose home the Tamale Danquah-Busia Club was launched, was selected as the running mate to Prof. Adu Boahen.

“After the stolen verdict of ’92, he could have contested the next primaries but declined. Given his influence within the party, his participation could have changed the course of events. He however declined, paving the way for J.A. Kuffour.”

Frank Annoh-Dompreh intimated that it is disingenuous to discard the sacrifices of the Northern Caucus to stoke tribal tensions within the Party for the parochial interests of a few.

He said, “Throughout the history of our party, the Northern Caucus has consistently made sacrifices for the greater good.

“It will be dishonest to support the rhetoric of division that seeks to erase the contribution of the North to our party and country from pre-independence till date.”

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