A group, calling itself NPP Youth for Victory 2024, has called out the Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia and his supporters for publicly flouting the Party’s directive to halt all campaign activities ahead of the National Delegates Conference.

They have also shown their discontent with the party leadership’s supposed selective administration of sanctions towards people who flout the rule.

Their concerns follow the recent suspension of a member of the Northern Regional Communication team, Alhaji Ibrahim Kaleem and the Choggu West Electoral Area Coordinator in the Tamale Central Constituency, Dawda Jentumah for allegedly expressing their support for the candidature of Alan Kyerematen as NPP flagbearer.

According to the group, the suspension of the duo is unfair and hypocritical as other members of the Party despite the laid down rule have continued campaigning for the Vice President unabated.

This, they say, reeks of a grand scheme to target supporters of Alan Kyerematen with suspensions and expulsion from the Party.

“We have been watching the party’s top hierarchy before and after the National Delegates Conference in Kumasi and how some Members of Parliament led by Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu (Majority Group Leader), Amin Anta (MP, Karaga), Habib Iddrisu (MP, Tolon), Farouk Mahama (MP, Yendi), Mr. Anthony Karbo, Nana Boakye (Nana B), Chairman Wuntumi (the Ashanti Regional Chairman), Mr. Mohammed A. Baantima Samba (Northern Regional Chairman), Mr. Kwabena Nsenkyire among others have kept on violating  the party’s directives by openly declaring their support for the Vice-President’s flagbearership bid without any rebuke from the party’s hierarchy.

“This is not the best for a party that is seeking to break the 8. So far as the party has stopped other potential aspirants from campaigning, such activities shouldn’t be encouraged. It seems it is right for the Vice President and his supporters to flout party rules but other candidates cannot do same. This must stop,” they said.

They further bemoaned the alleged use of the tribal and religious card by the supporters of the Vice President to garner votes for his candidacy.

They describe the act as grossly irresponsible and a threat to the jealously guarded peace and stability of the country.

“We find it irresponsible the number of complaints we have received from across the country that certain individuals moving round in the name of the second gentleman’s campaign are campaigning on the fact that Ghana should support the Veep because he is a northerner and a Muslim.

“We do not see how the Vice President who in one breath shows he is tolerant and even attends Christian Church services will be going round telling people to support him because he is a Muslim. Such chameleon attitude is not fit for nation building,” the group said.

According to the group, such selective administration of sanctions against the ‘No campaigning rule’ indicate that “all NPP members are equal but Bawumia is more equal than others.”

“This behavior seems to have amassed a lot of hatred for the Vice President. His perceived presidential ambition should not become a reason to butcher others with similar or perhaps better chances to lead the great elephant party into the 2024 general elections,” they said.

The NPP Youth for Victory 2024 says they are certain the National Officers of the NPP have noticed the activities of Dr. Bawumia’s supporters, but have remained silent.

“It will be a dent on the integrity of national officers of NPP if they claim not to have seen this, but the question is what have they done about it? If it were another candidate, maybe that person would be suspended if not sacked from the party. Why are we killing those who bled for this party to stand for the sake of someone who came from nowhere to enjoy power and prominence in our party?”

They are thus calling on the National Officers to sit up and ensure that the right thing is done.

“Another electoral victory for the NPP is an automatic key to ensure the continuity in the development of Ghana our mother land and we will not mince words but will speak directly to the powers that be, and boldly confront you to sit up. You stand to gain more if we win power and yet your attitude is less of bravado and more of puppets of mediocrity.

“This must stop before we start a campaign to ensure that no national officer is retained. You are, therefore, kindly advised to play by the very book you have written. For us, victory is all we need, and we will go at all ends to make sure it does not elude us,” the group stated.

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