Beatrice Adu writes: What is wrong with us?

A lot of the time, I choose deliberately not to talk about things going wrong in Ghana. Because the more I do, the more I get angry, the more I get upset and the more I feel like people in positions are just SELFISH and never there to solve any problems of the country. Of course, they know the system is bad. The system is wired to favour them and probably support their corrupt activities so they won’t touch it.

I find it so hard to understand why people are put in position to solve problems and they won’t solve it or pretend to do something about it but they’ll victimize the person who opens his mouth wide to talk about it? Why? What is wrong with us?

For how long have we had what has become as Dumsor in Ghana? This challenge transcends governments. Meaning that governments have come and gone but they have failed totally to deal with the root cause of the problem. All those who are appointed into office and are reading this piece right now know that we need huge investment in the energy sector yet what have we done? Keep promising and putting in short term, adhoc measures that don’t take us anywhere. They say they’re doing this and that but it seems the commitment is questionable. Ah! Is it because they’re not suffering from this dumsor?

I’m so vexed in my spirit. Yet they will not even tell us the truth regarding what is happening. So today this person will give a deadline for it to end and then the next day another person will come with explanations as to why that timeframe could not be followed.

Who is giving us accounts? And these people are paid monthly….for promising us and never improving the situation. What even amazes me is when someone in that sector who is as much concerned as I am talks, those who are supposed to ensure they supervise or give directions on how to solve the problems tell the person to shut up in the name of you’re making our government unpopular.

What makes a government more unpopular? In my opinion, it’s making people feel you’re not doing enough to make things better. Finally, a press conference was held to yet tell us about the problems in our energy sector. What did we hear? Promises! So always our plants are down eh? And we can’t find solution to intermittent supply of gas from Nigeria?

I’m even wondering if Nigeria is not willing to give us the gas, why do we still depend on them and add it the number of excuses we  have? What we want is not the reiteration of problems we already know…not promises but a reflection of what is claimed is being done in our homes. It’s time to see the effect of the working around the clock.

And it’s such a shame that because everything is tilted towards politics, if you talk too much, then you’re with the opposition. I always say politicians are the same. Sometimes I dare say that they never learn too; NDC, NPP, CPP, PPP and the rest. So to me it’s needless to politicize issues. I doubt some Ghanaians like myself care about which of these parties is in power. What is important is a government that can deliver. People spend hours in queues to vote because they want to see a better change.

It’s disheartening that you go to very sensitive institutions that are suffering due to someone’s inefficiency.  Always telling us about the challenges but never telling who is responsible to make things work but never did his work. Where’s the political will to deal with this once and for all?

It seems there are redundant systems in place that don’t allow anything to get better and also bar people from talking about the problem. The people in their high positions know the problems there yet they choose to ignore them in the name of there’s no money. Is it that they enjoy having problems unsolved so they can keep their positions whilst still promising that they’ll solve them in the future? Or it is just that they are so unconcerned about the challenges?

Meanwhile these same people travel to Europe and the Western countries. They see beautiful and well-structured stuff. They love them. They enjoy them. And yet it doesn’t prick their conscience that the same money they’re taking from people in the form of tax can be used to improve things in their own country.

Why? When people are not in positions to solve problems you hear them so loudly almost on every radio station chastising the one in position and why he or she is doing a poor job. They have all the solutions to the problems at hand. Sometimes they even call into media programmes and make their ‘valid’ contributions. But the moment you put them in those positions they perhaps become the worse. They will not even explain to the public why there seems to be no end in sight to a problem in their sector. I think I’ve spoken enough.

I want the people in position ( In politics, health etc) to know that they’re there not because they’re handsome or beautiful. But because we want them to solve problems in Ghana. Number two, please make investments that will prevent a recurrence of current challenges in future; power sector, health sector, education. Three, Ghanaians are not fools. Explain to us what’s going on. Finally find innovative ways to deal with current problems.

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