It is a finding that will come as no surprise to mothers who are used to doing ten things at once while looking after their children.

Because a study says becoming a mother makes women better at their job.

The research indicates that raising a child improves the essential workplace skills of female workers.

Nearly two thirds of working mums (62 per cent) say they become better at multi-tasking after having children.

Nearly half (46 per cent) feel their time management improves, and around a quarter (27 per cent) become more organised.

The research, carried out for Microsoft, asked 2,000 women and 500 employers how their performance had changed due to becoming a mother.

And it seems employers agree, with more than half (57 per cent) saying mothers make better team players than women who do not have children.

Nearly a third (29 per cent) see their employee’s team work improve after they give birth, while 35 per cent say their multi-tasking skills get better.

One in three (34 per cent) also appreciate their colleagues and clients more when they become a mother, according to their bosses.

The study also shows technology is playing a huge part helping mothers juggle their homelife with their work.

More than a third (37 per cent) of working mums use technology to work from home when they cannot get into the office.

The advancements in social media and new gadgets appear to help mothers every day.

New technology allows a third (29 per cent) to cram an extra 60 minutes in their busy daily schedule.

And 23 per cent say they even manage to pack in an extra two hours.

As a result, a quarter of mums (25 per cent) claim they are twice as productive as their husband or boyfriend.

Skincare business owner and mother-of-five Liz Earle said women have an important role in the workplace.

The 51-year-old said: 'The research findings are indicative of changes I have seen in business over the last decade.

'Mothers work wonders both in the house and home as they become an increasingly important resource to all those around them.

'I think businesses are becoming more accommodating for mothers.

'New technologies are saving time and making our lives easier in all sorts of ways, from keeping in touch with colleagues and friends to finding out where the closest baby-changing room is.'

Celine Naude from Microsoft said: 'I couldn’t agree more with the research findings. My friends, family members and colleagues that are mums never cease to amaze me with their ability to achieve the unachievable on a daily basis.

'As a mum-to-be I’m inspired by these women and proud to be part of the Office 365 campaign which is all about celebrating those who work wonders.'