The influx of criminals into the country has been a source of worry to many Ghanaians with some calling on government to rethink its relationship with sister states.

Dr Vladimir Antwi-Danso of the Legon Centre for International Affairs, however, says realigning Ghana’s relationship with its sub-regional neighbours would not solve the problem; rather, the need for Ghana to beef up its security and cooperate with security agencies outside is the surest way.

“We should put our security measures in order…if we are not up to scratch, what we can do is to rather cooperate. What is happening is that there is so much cooperation among the security agencies from the continent especially within the West African sub-region. That is what we need to strengthen rather.”

Speaking on Joy FM’s Supper Morning Show on Monday, he lamented the lack of security consciousness of many Ghanaians and called on the media, religious bodies and other organisations to harp the situation so that people would become more security conscious.

“Somebody enters your hotel, you are suspicious you call the police, somebody is walking about, you are suspicious you call the police…the more we are security conscious the more we will be able to nip these things in the bud.”

Dr. Antwi-Danso emphasized that due to globalization, all manner of people and fraternities have as well networked their criminal activities which could only be curtailed through security cooperation across the globe.

He also warned against closing of Ghana’s borders since that would affect a number of ECOWAS treaties like trade liberation and freedom of movement of citizens of member states.

Story by Isaac Essel