Betyetu, an all-new web and mobile betting platform has begun its operations in Ghana to offer an innovative and convenient betting experience to the gaming public.

The platform is programmed to give its registered customers the chance to bet anywhere and at any time.

As part of providing its customers with an unmatched service, Betyetu has attractive offers such as weekly Jackpots, Cash Out options, No minimum Bets, Live Betting and Multiple bet bonus.

All new subscribers would be awarded a free jackpot bet to give them the chance to play for a whooping ¢150,000.00 after registration.

Introducing its operations in Ghana, Gary Corbett, the Chairman of Oxygen 8 Group (Holding entity of Betyetu) noted that both domestic and foreign investments in the gaming sector bring in not only substantial revenues but also positive spillover effects on related sectors of the local economy.

He further noted that despite a challenging world economic environment, the gaming industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, creating jobs and a new segment of middle-class in local economies.

“We are excited about the opportunity to bring to Ghana our several years of experience and expertise from operating in Europe and some parts of Africa such as Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique.

"Our aim is to provide customers in Ghana with a unique betting experience using technology and excellent service delivery that helps them to win and at the same time invest their wins to change their livelihood”, he mentioned.

Betting fans in Ghana can play on Betyetu’s platform by registering on its website and signing up on their mobile phone number, where they can now deposit into their account through MTN mobile money and Airtel Tigo money wallet to play.

They can then deposit money from their mobile money account into their Betyetu account, bet on their selected predictions and upon winning, their potential wins are sent into their Betyetu account instantly, which can be withdrawn at any time.

“We are extremely thankful for the support we received from our regulator, the Gaming Commission, and other stakeholders in securing the necessary licensing to being operations take,” Mr.Corbett concluded.

Betyetu is a subsidiary brand of Oxygen8 and has gained a good footing in African markets such as Kenya paying over 50 million Kenyan Shillings (¢2.2 million) in Jackpot winnings to date.

It is also recognized for engaging with clients at a grass root level offering no minimum bets and withdrawals with no charges.



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