Big Apples Art Gallery, a local art collection and artist management company, is set to build a formidable art industry that will have potential to create more job opportunities for the youth as a tool to reduce hunger in the country by 2030.

The company in consultation with some tradition authorities to introduce art festivals in their communities to get the locals involved.

Big Apples Art Gallery believes a vibrant art industry can create a lot of jobs, especially with a focus on communities faced with poverty.

Any finished art provides multiple opportunities for industry players such as carpenters, wood sellers, and color dealers so a significant expansion of the industry will make many people gainful employers and alleviate poverty from many communities.

Big Apples Gallery to use art to halt hunger in 2030

This was disclosed by Founder of Big Apple Art Gallery, Andrew Solomon, at the opening ceremony of the company's maiden art exhibition at the Thang Palace Hotel at Roman Ridge in Accra.

Mr Solomon said his company is working to change the mentality and attitude of the people towards the art profession so as to attract more young people and investors to invest more in the art business.

He said the art and painting is a very lucrative industry when explored and one of the best strategies for poverty reduction.

He noted that the introduction of art festivals in various communities will be the driving force to stimulate the passion of the younger generation in the profession.

He announced that his company's maiden art and painting festival will take place in Osu in Accra where the former seat of government, the Osu Castle, will open for people to the public for a paid tour of the facility. 

The proceeds from the tour will go to the develop the Osu Community.

He, however, appealed to government to focus on the industry to help explore its full potential.

Some of the famous painting and work on traditional Ghanaian symbols of renown artist Kwesi Agyare were displayed.

Big Apples Gallery to use art to halt hunger in 2030

The exhibition which attracted hundreds of people across the country was part of the company's programs to drive awareness to unravel huge economic potentials art industry.

It also aimed to bring artists together to look for possible ways of streamlining their activities to enhance productivity and also explore marketing opportunities.

The paintings on display were traditional Ghanaian symbols in acrylics were on canvas texture had unique features to inspire art lovers.

Kwesi Agare on his part called for more collaboration to create awareness about the art profession in the country.

He urged companies to use Ghanaian symbols as logos which according to him are the true reflection of Ghana's cultural values.

He advised young people who are talented in the art to follow their passion until they realize their full potential.