Big Mountain’s founder and lead vocalist Joaquin ‘’Quino’’ McWhinney heads to the +233 Jazz Bar and Grill on Thursday, September, 23 to perform and to reach out to the Ghanaian youth.

He is being supported by other reggae artistes like Taj Weekes, FYAH FYAH, Kente and Raigad for Ray of Hope Global Youth Project, a worldwide movement to help the youth imagine new possibilities to create a difference in their lives.

Big Mountain is an American band known for its remake of Peter Frampton’s “Baby, I Love Your Way”, which became a top 10 hit single in the US in early 1994. The group headlined two consecutive Reggae Sunsplash festivals during massive world tours that crisscrossed Europe, North and South America, Asia, and Indonesia. Their songs like; ‘Touch My Light’, ‘Sweet Sensual Love’, ‘Reggae Inna Summertime’, and ‘Caribbean Blue’ hit the pop charts around the world appealing to all audiences. 

According to the manager of Big Mountain, Tanya Abreu, Big Mountain was glad to be involved with the Ray of Hope concert because it is geared towards improving the lives of children through music and outreach.

‘’Big Mountain was asked to be part of this project that is about elevating the lives, health and wellness of children through music and through outreach. So we are proud to be a partner in it. We’ve come all the way from California. So yes, we are a partner in this effort here and hopefully someday around the world.’’ She explained.  

Speaking in an interview on Prime Morning with Emefa Adeti, Tanya disclosed that, Kofi Zormelo a Ghanaian businessman played a pivotal role in the preparation of the concert by allying amazing partners including Taj Weekes, the UNICEF ambassador and other musicians to celebrate and distribute 5000 pairs of shoes to under privileged children to help them walk a fresh path to become better people.

‘’Truly, it is not about the shoes, it is about helping the kids walk a better path, a fresher path, a path that celebrates what was before and what can be when we all around the world, work together’’

Founder and lead vocalist Joaquin ‘’Quino’’ also added that Covid-19 took a great toll on music worldwide but he believes there is the need to encourage people to move forward, especially the youth to move beyond their limitations and fear through reggae music since it is dedicated to redemption.

‘’This is what reggae is dedicated to. Reggae is dedicated to healing but it is also dedicated to redemption, especially for young people today to study, to understand history. I know it’s painful for us to go back but we have to, in order for us to heal, we have to find out everything, we need to uncover all of the brainwashing and the lies they have been telling us through history.

This is how we will heal. Get into school, study, uncover the past’’

Tanya also pleaded with corporate organizations and sponsors to come to the table to support efforts towards truth and healing the youth so they become better contributors to tomorrow.

After RAY OF HOPE in Ghana wraps up, Big Mountain will release its new album ‘‘Freedom’’ in 2022 and begin a global tour that will crisscross from Mexico and the United States to Europe and Indonesia, preaching the message of freedom, health, hope, and love that changes the future. 

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