FBNBank has support to several entities as part of the Bank’s Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Week (CR&S Week) with the national football team, the Black Stars, the Village of Hope Orphanage, the Ghana Police, the Ghana Prisons Service and the Lifeline for Childhood Cancer Ghana Foundation as beneficiaries.

At a short ceremony at the FBNBank head office on Independence Avenue in Accra, as part of the Bank’s annual CR&S Week, the Managing Director and Chief Executive of the Bank, Victor Yaw Asante and other senior executives made financial contributions on behalf of the Bank to the various institutions totalling ¢150,000.

Specifically, the Black Stars received ¢100,000 as initial support for their preparation for the next two tournaments – the 2022 Africa Cup of Nations and the 2022 World Cup.

The Village of Hope Orphanage benefited from a ¢20,000 contribution to their efforts towards the education of some of the Home’s wards.

The Lifeline for Childhood Cancer Ghana Foundation received ¢10,000 as the Bank’s contribution towards its efforts to make available medical care to children with cancer.

Beyond the cash donations, a section of the bank’s staff also presented 50 mattresses to the Senior Correctional Centre of the Ghana Prisons Service valued at ¢10,000.

The Ghana Police also received a facelift to the office of the Rapid Deployment Unit from the Bank which is valued at ¢10,000.

FBNBank’s CR&S Week is commemorated together with its parent, FirstBank of Nigeria Limited and across all its subsidiary countries.

This year, the celebrations were under the theme, “Kindness: A Way of Life.” The Week also provides staff with an opportunity to show compassion and kindness by offering their time and resources in support of defined causes.

Commenting on the Bank’s CR&S efforts, FBNBank’s Managing Director and Chief Executive, Victor Yaw Asante, said, “This year, we look forward, together with our people, to demonstrate that in all things we put our stakeholders first, be it business or community activities.

“This will be achieved by supporting causes which make an impact in the lives of people, causes which resonate with all of us; from deprived children to support for institutions like schools and public service organisations through to national sports.

“During the CR&S Week and after, our actions would give tangibility to the ethos of the FBNBank brand and would also showcase our contribution to our communities and FBNBank’s responsibility as a good corporate citizen of Ghana. In all these, our staff will be offering their time and resources in support of our chosen causes. Together we will be delivering on our promise of putting our stakeholders first.

“This is evidence of the fact that at FBNBank our actions are driven by our brand. We are, therefore, as a matter of habit, enjoined to put our stakeholders, including our customers and communities first by attending to their needs and generally delivering value to them. It is our DNA.”

The cheques for the donations were received on behalf of the beneficiary institutions by their representatives.

These included Harrison Sasu, Director, Finance and Administration, Ministry of Youth and Sports who received the cheque for the Ghana Black Stars from Victor Yaw Asante supported by Mohammed Ozamah, Chief Risk Officer and Semiu Lamidi, Chief Financial Officer all of FBNBank.

Mr Kwaku Sarkodie, Deputy Group Managing Director, Stakeholders, Village of Hope Orphanage received a cheque from Azubike Obi, Group Head for Business Development, FBNBank Ghana supported by Sharon Bansa, Head, Retail Marketing.

The cheque for Lifeline for Childhood Cancer Ghana Foundation was presented to Akua Sarpong, Executive Director of the Foundation by Grace Isaac-Aryee, Treasurer and William Neequaye, Head, Commercial Banking, both of FBNBank Ghana.

FBNBank Ghana has over the years engaged in a sustained campaign to deliver benefits to its community, people and the economy through programmes and initiatives in Community Support.

In the last three years, the Bank has through the annual CR&S Week celebrations heightened its contributions and commitments particularly in the area of people empowerment where together with the staff, it has made donations to several causes in health and education.

FBNBank has in its 25 years of operating in Ghana remained focused on putting its customers and communities first. FBNBank Ghana is a member of the First Bank of Nigeria Limited Group which is renowned for its great customer service and general stakeholder engagement garnered over its 127 years of operation.

FBNBank Ghana has 20 branches and two agencies across the country with over 400 staff. FBNBank offers universal banking services to individuals and businesses in Ghana.

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