The Second Deputy Governor of the Bank of Ghana, Elsie Addo Awadzi has said that the Central Bank is committed to ensuring that persons with disabilities have easy access to financial aid.

The Central Bank, according to her, will continue to provide, “a supporting policy and regulatory framework that allows banks, other financial institutions and Financial Technology companies (Fintechs) to design and provide innovative digital financial services and products that respond to the unique needs of underserved segments like People with Disabilities (PwDs)”

Mrs Elsie Addo Awadzi was speaking at the launch of the German Development Corporation (GIZ) financial inclusion for PwDs project in Ghana.

The project is under the theme, “Bridging the Financial Access Gap: Inclusion for PwDs”.

With this project, GIZ is hoping to increase the ease of access to digital financial services for persons with disability.

Delivering her address, Mrs Addo Awadzi said, “the exponential growth of digital financial services in Ghana is a real catalyst for promoting access to financial services for PwDs, given its potential to overcome many of the physical barriers that PWDs face in accessing traditional financial services.”

“The Bank of Ghana will continue to provide the enabling environment that supports a stable, resilient, and inclusive financial system, where the needs and interests of all consumers are met satisfactorily.”

 “It is our hope also, that implementation of the project will lead to the building of a viable and supportive ecosystem for PwDs to enable them fully participate in education, the job market, entrepreneurship, health care, financial and other socio-economic activities. So that they are able to make a significant impact in their communities and contribute more fully to our socio-economic development as a nation,” she added.

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