Police in Ghana’s Eastern region are holding a man for attempting to have his six-year-old nephew murdered for ritual purposes.

The suspect, 35-year old Kofi Tawiah of Akyem Sedimase, allegedly offered the boy to a Nigerien Fetish priest at Asiakwa, for human sacrifice as part of a set of rituals needed to be performed to make him rich.

The fetish Priest had earlier given the suspect the options of either sacrificing an animal, in which case he will do dry fasting for a week or sacrificing a human being in place of the animal and to also make up for the seven-day dry fasting.

The Fetish Priest however reported his own client, Kofi Tawiah to the Kyebi Police, after the suspect had returned to him with news that he intended sacrificing one of his sister’s children for the ritual.

A Local Reporter in the Eastern region, Daniel Bampoe told XYZ News that that the Police laid siege and arrested the suspect on the night of March 30, 2013.