Retired Military Officer, Captain (rtd.) Joel Kwame Sowu has described the construction of the National Cathedral in Ghana as inappropriate and a complete waste of the nation’s resources. 

According to him, the building of a National Cathedral in the present financial and health crisis, reveals the lack of consideration by the present government, of the plight of the ordinary citizen.

“It is complete misuse of public funds for personal covenants with God”, he said. 

Speaking in an interview with Prime Morning’s Benjamin Akakpo, the retired Military Captain expressed his dissatisfaction with the fact that, a sitting President in the midst of several challenges, decided to fulfil a personal promise to his God using state resources

“…you cannot mix personal covenants you make with God to National issues. If the President promised to build a temple for God before the elections, it is up to him to do so, using his own resources…”

He further asserted that, the entire act, which is claimed to be to the glorification of God, is in actual sense, rather bringing the name of God into disrepute. 

He argued the fact that, God does not desire in seeing his people suffer, so for the President to evict judges from their residence, destroy people’s assets and exert further inconveniences on the country’s finances in the name of pleasing God, is in itself a disgrace to Gods desire. 

He made a frantic call to the sitting President, Nana Akufo-Addo, to reconsider his decision and do what is right, if it is God he seeks to please. 

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