Nigerian musician Burna Boy is set to headline a concert in South Africa, after threatening to boycott the country over the recent outbreak of xenophobic violence.

Following the wave of looting and attacks on foreign-owned businesses that rocked the commercial capital Johannesburg, numerous celebrities and influencers across Africa spoke out against the violence.

The African Giant, in a series of tweets in September, said he was disappointed by the development and vowed to never step foot in South Africa until the inhumane act was curtailed.

However, according to a report by iol, the Nigerian superstar will lead a pack of artistes to thrill legions of fans at the Africans Unite concert scheduled for next month.

The concert which was announced this week will include performances from Kwesta, Jidenna, Busiswa and many more.

The Africans Unite concert will take place in Cape Town at The Lawns on November 23 and Tshwane’s Sun Arena on November 24.

Presented by South Africa’s Department of Sports, Arts and Culture, in association with Channel O and powered by Play Network Africa, Africans Unite is a collaborative project that aims to rebuild trust and respect among African nations by changing the current narrative to that of unity and solidarity.

Burna Boy, who was outraged by the xenophobic attacks last month, had tweeted:

Burna Boy to perform in South Africa after angry tweets over xenophobia


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