Reports reaching JOY Sports  indicate that the Canadian Embassy is turning down Visa applications of prospective travellers for the Women’s U-20 World Cup with no genuine reasons.

 Travel and Tours accredted  to ensure applicants fulfill all travel requirements and even those with rich travel track record,  mostly owners of businesses with good finacial standings  had their applications turned down  for no aparent reasons.

 So far, over 36 applicants from these Travel and Tours  have been denied entry clearnace despite meeting all requirements.

Copies  of the refusal letters sighted  gave resaons as your travel history, length of proposed  stay in Canada, purpose of visit, personal assets and finacial status, low finacncial standings to travel have been cited as resaons for the refusal.

 A spokesperson of one of  the Travel company hinted that “ It is clear that based on the reasons for refusal, the visa section did not even look at the applications, documents and passports to determine whether they are financially sound or have travel experience. They just attach the refusal letters to the applications. 

“In fact, what is happening is worrying. The visa section of the Embassy must be up and recall all those they have denied indiscriminately and allow them to travel to support our national team.

“As far as we know, countries who bid to host FIFA World Cups are obliged to issue Visas to applicants who meet the requirements and not to deny without any just reason, she added.”

It has come up that the Embassy is alarmed over the issue of some Ghanaians who were reported to be seeking for asylum in Brazil after the World Cup.   

These Travel and Tour companies is therefore calling on Government  and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to  act with the speed of lightening  to rectify the situation.  

The Travel company spokesperson pointed out that “Evidence we have seen showed people who own their business with over ¢200,000 and travel experience being denied Visas.”

Efforts to reach the Embassy for  reasons for their action has not been possible

Ghana is pitted in Group A alongside host Canada, Finland and Korea Democratic Republic for the tourney fixed for August 5 to 24.